Revitol Skin Tag Removal Cream Vs Dermatend –

Which One Works and Which One Should You Avoid?

Take it from a former skin tag sufferer – my advice is to reach for the Revitol Skin Tag Removal cream and avoid any other products that you may come across. Really, after trying 5 different brands of so-called skin tag removers, I finally experienced complete relief and fast removal with this one. I also need to let you know that Dermatend is at the bottom of the list in my books.

You don’t need to suffer to remove a skin tag!

When I tried the other removers it was like somebody was clamping down on my skin tag all the time. When I first applied the products they would burn my skin. I thought that this was a good sign proving they would be working but I was wrong. Just because your skin feels like it’s on fire after applying a product doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s burning off the skin tag.

The only product that worked for me was the Revitol skin tag brand and out of all the others, it was the only one that worked painlessly. It uses a homeopathic oil to dissolve the tag so that it disappears like magic. I was amazed to see the results since it was such a painless effort to apply the product – especially after going through the intense pain of other lotions and potions with empty promises.

The gentle yet effective ingredients in Revitol Skin Tag Removal cream include:

  • Thuja Occidentalis 6x
  • Sunflower oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Sweet almond oil

This is an all natural product that isn’t known for any side effects. Thuja Occidentalis is the active ingredient in the cream and this essential oil is known for its ability to remove skin tags. The other oils act as a gentle and protective base to keep your skin hydrated during the process. This base helps to keep any scars from forming so that your skin looks just like new when the tag falls off.

Avoid Dermatend!! It contains a dangerous ingredient!

If you’ve been looking at the Dermatend product, don’t just walk away from it – run! The main active ingredient in this skin tag cream is bloodroot, which can cause disfiguring scars on your body. Dermatologists worldwide tell their clients stay away from this one ingredient since it literally eats away at your skin. This product has received horrible reviews and when I tried it I was left with a huge red mark. While this cream did remove my tag, it was only temporary and it started to grow back again within a couple of weeks right on top of the bright red scar!

Sometimes scars can look even worse than the skin tags themselves!

Believe me, the scars that that are left behind by other products can be hideous. When you use something like Dermatend you may just end up seeing bubbles and scars on your skin and I have the scars that have been left behind to prove it. The idea behind taking away your skin tag is to make you more comfortable while improving your appearance. The last thing you’ll want to have happen is to look worse afterwards than you did when you first started with the product.

With Revitol I didn’t have to deal with any scarring! When the tag came off, you couldn’t tell at all that something had been there before! To me, it was like a miracle! I had been fighting with 3 different skin tags for at least six months!

Revitol smells good!

One of the other amazing features that I found with this product was it smelled great! If you’ve ever used another tag remover in the past, you know just how terrible they can smell! The bad odor just seems to linger long after you have applied the cream. Thankfully, with Revitol, I could put on an application at any time of the day or night and not have to worry about smelling like a fish.

How long will it take to remove the tag?

According to the company, you should apply the treatments twice a day for 6 to 8 weeks. The skin tag that I had on my neck, however, was quite big and fell off in two weeks! If you don’t see any results happening within the first few weeks, don’t give up. My skin tag changed rapidly the last few days before it was gone.

A cost-effective solution that really works!

Revitol tag cream is a completely safe and 100% natural skin tag remover that is painless to use and doesn’t create scars. When you compare it to the cost of seeing a dermatologist for treatments, there is no doubt that this is a real money-saving product. All you need to exercise is a little patience and you’ll see results.

Let’s quickly go over some of the best features in this product so that you can once again see why it outshines the other skin tag creams on the market:

  • No scarring
  • No toxic chemicals to worry about
  • Works on all skin types
  • No pain
  • Easy to apply

You really need to read through the Revitol Skin Tag Removal cream reviews to find out just how effective this natural remover is. You’ll see what other people are saying and have a better understanding of how it works. I can just let you know how well it worked for me. It worked like a charm and I highly suggest that you give it a try as well.

When it comes to skin tags, don’t play around. Avoid Dermatend and all of the other products that smell bad, don’t work and are extremely painful! You deserve more than that and I can honestly tell you that there is an end to your skin tag problem. I went through it and now I am passing over my results to you.

Take advantage of the free bottle offer!

If you visit the website now you’ll find a special deal available on select offers. There are different packages available depending on the amount you need. When you’re frustrated with your skin tag and need a 100% solution, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by using this product. Visit the Revitol Skin Tag Removal cream site now to put an end to your suffering.